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KSSA second national team selection
Asian Open, Bangkok, Thailand
Adventsturnier, Winningen

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Asian Open 2024, Bangkok, Thailand

We are pleased to announce that the ISSF Asian Open will take place this year from October 26-27, in Bangkok Thailand. Our partner TSSA is looking forward to be your host. All information about the program and registration can be found in the official document.

Results 11. Ostsee Cup/ 10. European Open 2024, Kellenhusen

Timetable, 11. Ostsee Cup/ 10. European Open 2024, Kellenhusen

The Baltic Sea Cup and the European Open are getting closer. Two more weeks and we will see the best stackers from Europe again. 
You can already smell the sea air. Kellenhusen has also announced the tournament on its website.

Register now here

In addition to the first meeting on Friday from 2 pm, with promotion on the promenade. There will also be an open barbecue on Saturday evening.

You can find a first schedule for Saturday and Sunday here.

OstseeCup meets European Open

Dear Stackers,
We are at a very special moment in the history of the OstseeCup and the European Open: This year marks the 11th edition of the OstseeCup, while we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European Open. We want to celebrate this milestone with all of you over the Pentecost weekend on the beautiful Baltic coast in Kellenhusen by combining these two tournament formats!

What makes this OstseeCup and European Open so unique is the closeness we will experience to the other guests this year. With the new venues available to us due to the closure of the old hall, we will come together more closely and feel the atmosphere of the event more intensely than ever before.

We cordially invite you to be part of this special event on May 18th and 19th. But already on Friday, May 17th, we would like to share the excitement with you and therefore invite you to a promotion for our sport directly at the Kurhaus on the promenade. It will be a great opportunity to capture the mood and get you in the mood for the upcoming weekend.

Registration for this unique tournament is now open on the website. Secure your spot and be there as we make history and experience unforgettable moments together! We look forward to welcoming you to the OstseeCup/European Open and spending an unforgettable time with you.

Sporty regards,
The ISSF Team

Neue Rekorde sind nun offiziell / New Records are verified

13 new records from the World Championship and German Open have been officially confirmed. (Videos will follow)
Particularly noteworthy is Kian Lynch, the first American on the ISSF world record list and winner of this year's World Championships. He set a new world record in all disciplines in his 21-24 age group.
Also particularly worth mentioning is the 5-year-old Song Eun-Woo from Korea. Who beat one of the oldest records set by Mael Wieland in 2010 in the 333. This means that no Swiss can currently be found on the list.

We congratulate all new world record holders.

Pictures of the 2023 World Cup in Korea are also fresh on our website. Found here:

First H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Cup: TSSA Thailand Stacking Championships 2023 is over

The first ISSF tournament in Thailand took place on November 18th/19th, 2023, our partner TSSA created an experience for every athlete. Results and further impressions can be found on the TSSA Facebook page.

Ergebnisse, Results, Results 

At the Website of the KSSA are the results of the 1. ISSF 2023 World Sports Stacking Competition. Press here

Und die Ergebnisse der 9. German Open im Einzel:

Ergebnisse Einzel 9. German Open

Ergebnisse Punktewertung German Open

1. ISSF World Sport Stacking Championship in Daejeon, Korea

We are totally excited, the first ISSF World Championship has started. We wish all stackers good luck! 

German Open in Boffzen am 14.10.2023

We are happy to host the German Open again this year. This time we will return to the middle of Germany and be in the premises of the elementary school Boffzen. (Mühlengrube 12B, 37691 Boffzen)

As a special feature this year the German Open will take place on one day only. So excitement, variety and fun in highest concentration.

More details, about timing, travel and accommodation will follow soon.

Registration is now open and can be found under the menu item Registration Geman Open.



The Next competition in Malaysia is coming up: 

Date: 27/8/2023
Location: Seri Kembangan, Selangor Malaysia
Information & Registration Link:

A lot of new Stackers at the ISSF Malaysia Stack fast Tournament 2023, Cheras Leisure Mall

 Das erste ISSF-Turnier nach der Pandemie in Malaysia ist zu Ende. Mit einer Wahnsinnigen Quote von 80% an neuen Startern die noch nie auf eine ISSF Turnier waren, war es ein sehr guter Start. Das Organisationsteam zeigt sich zufrieden und blick positiv in die Zukunft, dass die nächsten Turniere weiter wachsen werden.

Results 10. Ostseecup Kellenhusen

8 new world records in the single disciplines and 1 world record in the double have fallen in Kellenhusen!

With around 60 of the best European stackers, from many parts of Germany, Denmark, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands, this was a very exciting and international tournament.

In the stack duel, Viggo Olsen from Denmark prevailed over Laura Beacom from Northern Ireland.

In the doubles there were four performance groups. The overall winners were Laura Beacom from Northern Ireland and Liam v.d. Ree from the Netherlands. The duo of Marianne Pedersen from Denmark and Annerose Hunkemöller from Germany improved their own world record in the 60+ age group from 2019 from 15.931s to 15.056s.
In the parent/child doubles, from Stockstadt in Hesse, the duo of Robert and Alexander Sinkovic was the overall winner.

In the gripping and exciting competition of the TOP TEN won in the end the Danish guy Alexsander Haedaekar with a time total from the three disciplines 333, 363, Cycle of 9.193 seconds. Second was Liam v.d. Ree, from Almelo, Holland, with a gap of 0.647 s, ahead of Belfast's Laura Beacom with a gap of 0.911 s to the first.

The point ranking was also won by Alexsander Haedaeker (AK 16) from Denmark ahead of Melanie Hunkemöller (AK 21-24) from Bad Driburg and Alexander Balz (AK 30-34) from Winningen/Mosel.

Thanks to all stackers and the Tourism Service Kellenhusen, who made this Baltic Sea Cup unforgettable again.


ISSF Malaysia Stack fast Tournament 2023, Cheras Leisure Mall


The ISSF is delighted to announce that the first ISSF Sport Stacking tournament in Malaysia after the pandemic will take place on June 4, 2023, at the Cheras Leisure Mall in Kuala Lumpur. Every Stacker can now register until May 21 through the following link:

Cups Rule modification 


Sport is constantly evolving and we naturally observe such developments very closely. That's why the ISSF Rules Committee has decided to make a rule modification.

In the meantime, there are several manufacturers on the market who also produce cups in a smaller size. The experience shows that smaller children manage much better with them and get a better start in the sport. But it also shows that these cups have the better dimensions for some athletes and get more performance out of them. For this reason, our rules committee has decided to lower the minimum dimensions of the cups a bit.
So it is now allowed to use cups that are 7,5-10cm high and 6-8cm at their thickest point in all disciplines. For example, the Junior cups from Stacking, the Shortys from Speed Stacks, the Mini Jumbos from Yuxion and the Mini Cups from QIYI Flash Stacking will now be allowed. As before, in a relay, the team must decide which cups will be used. The rule change is effective immediately and will be applied for the first time at the 10th Ostseeecup in Kellenhusen in a tournament.

1. ISSF World Sport Stacking Championship in Daejeon, Korea




It is with great pleasure that we can inform you, on behalf of the entire ISSF, that the first ever ISSF World Championship will be held in Deajeon, South Korea on October 7-8, 2023. A big thank you already goes to the KSSA who will be the host of the. It is going to be a great meeting of stackers from all over the world. With a great program. More info will follow very soon.

The TSSA is or new representation in Thailand 



We give the Thailand Stacking Sport Associatio, with the Gerneal Secretary, Teera Ratchatatibordee a warm welcome. As our new representant at Thailand. 

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10. Ostseecup 2023 

It comes ..........

The 10th Ostseecup is ready.
The ISSF invites all stackers next Whitsun to the 10th Ostseecup!
A special thanks already to the Kurverwaltung in Kellenhusen, who make it possible for us to be a guest there again.
So Whitsun 2023 (27-28.5) is Baltic Sea vacation announced!

From now on you can register under Next Tournament.

And another thing, keep the dates free in October 2023,
then there will be a premiere, has something to do with BIBIMBAP.
More details in December.