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International Sport Stacking Federation

Become an ISSF representative for your country

We are always looking for people who would like to represent the ISSF in their country as a partner of ours. We welcome everyone to come and talk to us about it. It is important to us to see our representatives as partners and to call them this way. Because we want to work with them as equals and move the sport forward together.
We have put together a few questions and answers in advance that come up again and again and offer a first insight into what it means to represent the ISSF in your own country.

Why is it interesting to become a representative of the ISSF?
We are the second largest sport stacking federation in the world and the only one that is completely non-profit and brand independent. With the help of our representatives we want to bring the sport to the whole world and define the standard of the sport.

- The ISSF enjoys worldwide recognition among athletes.
- We maintain world record lists, on which only records set at official ISSF tournaments can appear.
- There is a generally recognized and proven set of rules for tournaments and training courses.
- In the event of ambiguities, we act as an independent court of arbitration.
- The ISSF offers a unique worldwide community.

What are my advantages as a partner?
- You are allowed to act as the exclusive partner of a country on behalf of the ISSF.
- You are allowed to organize official tournaments in the name of the ISSF.
- You are allowed to maintain a national ISSF record list for your country.
- You are allowed to give official training courses in the name of the ISSF after a further suitability test.

What requirements should a partner have?
- They should be enthusiastic about the sport
- Also sees the people who get fun and enjoyment from the sport.
- Ideally already has experience in organizing tournaments
- Always wants to encourage the entire sport stacking community to grow together

How to become a representative in my country?
Send us a message with your interest via our contact form, Facebook or Whatsapp. And we will get back to you.