ISSF Deutschland e.V.

International Sport Stacking Federation

About ISSF

The International Sport Stacking Federation sees itself as a brandindependent association for the planning and execution of sport stacking tournaments at national and international levels.The ISSF was founded in 2006 by the German cup manufacturer FlashCups. At that time amove to circumvent the still valid monopoly of the brand Speed Stacks in the WSSA (WorldSport Stacking Association) and to organize brandindependent tournaments.

In 2010 ISSF Germany eV was registered with the Register of Associations and developed over time new ideas to make sport Stacking more attractive and fair.
Final independence reached the ISSF in 2014 by breaking ties with the previous main sponsor FlashCups and restructural changes made in the Executive Board.

2015, then followed the introduction of another tournament mode allowing nonagerelated, but performancerelated finals. Explanations can be found in “rules” under the menu bar.

Generally, we will continue on this path and try to constantly improve this, to organize tournaments, which will in addition to the sporting achievements also leave space for socializing and gossip.